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ACE partners with Creators to develop ads that feel right for their personal voice and audience. While the Creators are trusted to do their thing and film videos that match the production value of their other content, I will often provide scripts for them or work closely with them to develop work that serves their personal brand just as well as the brand being advertised.

Monopoly GO


Boman Martinez Reid - This Week On Monopoly Go

Every family has their issues but when money, property, and power are on the line tensions run high. No one knows this better than the players of Monopoly GO! as they are now experiencing a level of of sabotage, betrayal, and high stakes financial decisions usually reserved for high power families on television. They can’t get enough of the drama or the game. 

That's why we enlisted Boman. He is known for the skits he does with his family and friends parodying reality tv, specifically the Kardashians.  

Writing this humorous script that mirrors the style of his other videos was easily one of my favorite projects. 

Star Trek Fleet Command

Star Rekt - Get In The Captain's Chair

Scopely wanted hardcore Star Trek fans to download their new game Star Trek Fleet Command. They needed a spot that would list a lot of information in a very short amount of time. That's why we decided on an over the top, tongue in cheek, 90s style infomercial driving audiences to “download now”.  

Despite having never seen Stark Trek I somehow managed to write a script that the client and Star Trek fanatic Jack Douglas loved and he helped us create this zany spot.  Fedoras off to him for being a great collaborator that  helped add in even more easter eggs and jokes for Star Trek fans.

Law & Order: SVU

20th Anniversary

Taylor Owen and James Neal - Every Episode of SVU

Devon Rodriguez - Drawing Peter 

To Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Law & Order: SVU we enlisted two Creators. 

Taylor and James helped highlight the shows winning formula for success by playfully joking about how despite 20 years of this show serving us up the same recipe for justice we just can't get enough.  

The show also wanted to celebrate NYC as it is the heart of the show. That's why we enlisted Devon Rodriguez, an artist from the Bronx who is well known for his portraits of people around the city. He has a love for the city and sees the beauty and that's why we had him sit with a member of the cast and create a portrait for them while discussing the power of the show and it's 20 year run. 


Creative Directors: Carlos Naude & Scotty Gelade

Copywriter: Chelsie Kelly

Art Director: David Ligon

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