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Copywriter & Video Editor - Chelsie Kelly 

 Art Director - Chris Cole

The all-American diner is a staple in film and television. The simplicity allows it to become the perfect backdrop, setting the stage for a variety of interactions across all genres. Whether it’s two friends discovering their feelings for each other over a shared basket of fries, or two associates killing time with a coffee until they get “the signal”, everything goes down in the diner. Real-life is no different. Every booth holds a story worthy of cinema or at the very least a 30-minute slot on daytime television. Denny’s will use awards season as a way to give diners the love they deserve by highlighting the role play in film and television


This partnership will appear on the homepage of Netflix for a week leading up to awards season and will remain available for the duration of awards season. 

netflix screen-17.png
pr dennys.png


This spot will air right before the first award show of the season. It will also remain available on Denny's social media. 


These unique limited edition movie posters will be placed in Denny's across the country during awards season.

dennys REDO-21.png
dennys REDO-20.png
dennys REDO-19.png
dennys REDO-18.png
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